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Mrs.  Blake  Dunagan
First Grade Teacher
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Supply List 

Coker Elementary School

First Grade Supply List

Plastic pencil box (regular size)

Two packs of pencils

Two large pink erasers

24 count box of Crayons

1 large bottle of school glue

4 White glue sticks

1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper

Regular size book bag or backpack(no rolling book bags)

*1 spiral bound notebook containing at least 180 pages. All students will need notebooks on the first day of school for journal writing.

The items listed below will be used throughout this year. If you could donate the following, it would be greatly appreciated.

3 boxes of Kleenex tissue

3 bottles of Purell (waterless hand cleaner)

Paper towels (two rolls)

2 bottles of hand soap

1 box of baby wipes

1 box of sandwich bags

*Please no three-ring binders or mechanical pencils.